About Sundance Solar


Sundance Solar specializes in solar energy products including solar educational kits, do it yourself solar energy kits, plug and play solar energy kits and solar system components including solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

In November 2012, I partnered with Ed Bender of Sundance Solar to design a working prototype of a solar powered LED jar light kit. After a few months, they had a circuit board designed and produced in order to create a functional do-it-yourself kit. The product that we developed is a simple way of turning a glass jar into a functioning lantern and is available to teachers and the general public today. In order to see the kit online, go to


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the SunBender DIY Solar LED Jar Light Kits are donated to providing solar lighting solutions in South Africa.

Sundance Solar has been critical in creating a business plan that helps to create an affordable payment plan so that South Africans ‘off the grid’ can transition to solar power instead of their conventionally used kerosene lanterns.

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