Getting Our Minds Around the Sunshine

After a morning run and breakfast, it was time to collaborate and develop our business plans for both the solar jar project and the PAYG solar lantern project.  We went round table to discuss our strengths and contributions to the team, and then really picked through each facet of the plan.  Seed funding is still necessary for purchasing the second round of PAYG solar lanterns.  Marketing tactics were developed (I offered to make a Kwelanga Solar Facebook page).  We were developing the solar jar products into novelties/souvenirs that would target the South African tourist industry.  Then on to more brainstorming and polishing the sales plan, down to the nitty gritty rand (for example, a packet of 6 candles in the townships typically costs 17 rand, 75 cents).  Not only do our solar lights accommodate those without electricity, but they also work as supplemental light during countrywide “load-shedding” periods (times with the power is purposefully blacked out).


Yonela, Sindisiwe (Cindy), and Roslin (Roz) during our planning time

Everyone has their own task list in the plan.  Natalie and I are going to polish our solar lantern presentation so that it is friendly to South African schools.   I need to help to create a survey for the teachers regarding whether or not they find this activity purposeful, appropriate, and aligned to South African standards.  Natalie is going to help me and also look into getting our next round of funding.  Ed and Mark need to go out and FIND the solar lanterns (in customs) and find enough jars to make solar jars.  Things might get problematic if they don’t succeed.

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